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About the Palos Hills Police Department

This page provides an overview of the Palos Hills Police Department. You will find a message from the Chief of the Palos Hills Police Department, information about the staff, equipment and vehicles, services, and much more!

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Chief Paul J. Madigan

A Message from Chief Paul J. Madigan

The Palos Hills Police Department is here to serve the community. I strongly believe that in this day and age crime control must be augmented with community-based strategies that help prevent neighborhood crime, reduce fear, and enhance the quality of life in our city. When the community members work together in partnership with law enforcement, …

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Investigation Division The Palos Hills Police Department manages criminal cases to enhance clearance rates of reported crime and to increase prosecutions, convictions of offenders and return of property to victims. The criminal investigation division is responsible for follow- up investigations on criminal matters. Once an incident is re

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Internal Investigations

The Palos Hills Police Department makes consistent and expeditious investigations of complaints against agency employees. The department protects the rights of each employee during the investigation, and makes the investigation without prejudice. Citizens are encouraged to report incidents of misconduct by agency employees. Complaints must be filed in person. Complaints should be address to the …

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Palos Hills Police Department Star

Mission Statement & Agency Beliefs

Palos Hills Police Department Mission Statement     The mission of the Palos Hills Police Department is to work with the citizens of Palos Hills, to deliver essential services, to preserve peace and order, to reduce crime and its effect, to aid traffic safety, and to protect the constitutional rights of all persons.   Agency …

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PHPD Staff Members

Administration / Chief and Deputy Chiefs Command Staff Detectives Patrol Members: K-9 Officer School Resource Officer (SRO) Traffic Control Officers Motorcycle Officers Community Service Officers (CSO) School Crossing Guards  

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The following vehicles are used by the Palos Hills Police Department:

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