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Safety Tips: Seat Belts

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Seat belts are the most effective safety feature ever invented and have helped save thousands of lives. Sadly, one in five Americans fail to regularly wear a seat belt when driving or riding in a motor vehicle.

According to NHTSA, the risk of being involved in a serious crash is greater at night than during the day. In 2011, 62 percent of motorists who died in a crash that occurred at night were unrestrained; compared to 43 percent of those who died in a crash during the day.


Read more about seat belt safety in NHTSA’s latest issue of SAFETY 1N NUM3ERS, a new online monthly newsletter on hot topics in auto safety – including problem identification, people at risk, and recommended practices and solutions to mitigate injury and death on our nation’s roadways.

Resources on Safety Belts:


A Public Service Announcement Focused on the Importance of Wearing a Seat Belt.

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